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Strongest Bond with Sisters

Math Question: What is CAY VII + 1❓ I am honoured to welcome Esther Cay as the Director of Operations at CAY VII. She is my dearest sister, the 8th child in my family, also known as CAY VIII. I could not be more proud to have the sister I trust and love. I know she is one of my most incredible supporters in all my life's ups and downs and is now part of my business, helping me balance my life and the special projects we'll take on. Like the Chinese names our parents gave us, I'm Phoenix, and Esther is Eagle. We are calm, creative, laser-focused, have sharp eyes for details, and are cautious and meticulous in managing our relationships and responsibilities. Our combined traits strengthen CAY VII's ability to succeed and scale in how we can better service our clients with the special projects we take on. CAY Family Facts with numbers: ⭐ Our family was the boat people who escaped the war in Vietnam with 7 children (i was a baby then); four years of waiting in the Macau refugee Camp gave my parents time to have Esther before we were sponsored to Canada in 1986. ⭐ Our 10-person Family Dinner when we were younger was quiet. Anyone who talks misses out on the delicious food my dad works hard to bring home and my mom prepares. So our family dinner table rule is " Eat now, talk later." ⭐ There are 5 girls and 3 boys in our family. All happily married with children. This brings us to 18 grandchildren, twin great-grandchildren. and 12 owned homes by CAY Family. ⭐Holiday Family dinner is about 40 people, lots of noise with kids running around, and eating space spread out into 3-4 different rooms at my brother's home. ⭐Number 1 family rule - Always take care of each other! With all these personal details shared, it is my way of sharing who we are. My family will always come first and always has my back. I'm sincerely grateful to have my Circle of Trust that I've built in a professional environment to feel like I have an extended family. Thank you all for your tremendous support, care, and partnership thus far! Please help me welcome Esther Cay to CAY VII with a ⭐ ❤ in the comments to wish her well. #welcome #family #growth #sisters

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