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Always Trendy to be Protected

Heather Reid was my first new CAY VII "meaningful connection" in the events industry, where we met at WEC 2019 in Toronto.

I was star-struck and in awe of Heather Reid after her Event Contract session. As an independent event strategist just starting, I had many questions as I navigated my early steps. I wanted to ensure that I understood what risks and precautions I needed to know for my business, my clients, and the events I would support them with.

From that day, I openly admit that I am Heather's stalker, or she will kindly say I'm one of her adorable fans. She did not run away from me but gave me a big hug and gifted me a 30-minute session to ask her anything! I asked many questions and received thoughtful advice that gave me more confidence in continuing my adventures with CAY VII.

If you don't know Heather Reid from all her sold-out standing-room event contract training sessions, I encourage you to KNOW HER and what she does as the CEO and Founder of PLANNER PROTECT INC. Her expertise, curated over 30 years, is impressive. Still, her humble and kind persona has made her incredibly easy to approach and highly appreciated by our Events Industry which honours her with many well-deserved industry awards and Halls of Fame status.

She makes contracts not dull, and in her August 2022 CMEExpo session, she talks about Event Contracts being an always Trending topic, and this is the TRUTH! It was a sincere privilege and pleasure that I had the opportunity to present Heather Reid at the session as her Speaker Sponsor on behalf of Engamio. She is a legend and one that I'm so proud to have as part of my Circle of Trust.

To learn more about Heather Reid and PLANNER PROTECT INC. I visit her site:

When you connect with Heather, let her know that Connie recommended you to reach out to her. It'll put a smile on her face as much as it would on mine to see that she will continue to share her expertise to help you negotiate a balanced contract, save you money on unfair contract clauses, and not beg once the contracts are signed.

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