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A Joyful World to Explore

Meet Rachel LeRoy, CEO and Founder of HipMaps!

She is my client, a friend, and a strategic partner in my Circle of Trust.

BE CAREFUL! Yes, She is sweeter than the chocolates she will offer you at events. That's her way to share joy while giving her enough time to get you closer to her exhibition booth to talk about HipMaps - her pride and joy! Don't refuse her because you're going to MISS OUT on very cool and engaging ways to design an exploration experience for your guests at your next event. #EventProfessionals, #DMOs, Tourism Boards, Social Event Planners, Engagement Strategist - PAY ATTENTION.

Rachel has won multiple industry awards in recognizing her Hipmaps as a new event tech innovation that will help you explore, discover, and add delightful experiences for your guests with her custom interactive maps.

Check out the incredible gift she created for everyone attending IMEX next week! She's gathered local experts' recommendations on top places you should check out while you're in Las Vegas for IMEX and has put them into an interactive map that will help you navigate how to get there! Think about featuring your local shops, scavenger hunts, weddings, and guests looking for all the hot spots to check out during the days/ hours leading up to the wedding or event. So many possibilities! Scan the QR Code on the video, and enter code IMEX22 to access the special map.

I had the pleasure of sparking a beautiful friendship with Rachel from our three days at the WEC2022 Tech Innovation Lab together. I did not accept the sweet chocolates but was more curious about what made her HipMaps different from what we had at Engamio. You'll have to talk to both of us if you want to Learn MORE about the differences and the benefits!!!

I can't wait to visit her at the IMEX booth C4448 and see her use Engamio's Engager to add a bit of fun to her engagement experience while featuring HipMaps!

Interested in the Hipmaps or getting to know Rachel LeRoy more? Please feel free to reach out directly and mention that Connie from CAY VII recommended you.

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