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Empowering, Inspiring and Trailblazing Victories

SOW Victory was founded by the brilliant Shannon Malkin Daniels and Zef Zan and hosted on encaptiv. Being a speaker and sponsor in their inaugural SOW Victory Fest event was an honour. Our active connection has led me to join them as an SOW Sister with occasional co-hosting opportunities on the new SOW Victory Live webinar series. They embody what our professional industry of all business verticles need —a safe space to be empowered, celebrate each other's success, share knowledge, collaborate, and be our best trailblazer cheerleaders for each other! Their energies are infectious at the highest voltage, making you feel fantastic to be part of their circle, and my circle of trust is stronger through the network we are building with Sow Victory Live.

Fun Facts:

🙌 Shannon Malkin Daniels is the CEO and Founder of encaptiv. A beautiful event platform that hosts customized virtual and hybrid events for their clients.

🙌 encaptiv is also the platform host of the SOW Victory Live event.

🙌 The Inaugural SOW VIctory Fest in May 2022, had over 80 powerful speakers with rich content that you have FOMO for missing any of them!

🙌 My cheeks hurt after each time I meet with Shannon and Zef because there is so much joy and laughter when we connect.

Collaboration opportunities :

🤝 Need a virtual platform that is beautiful, intuitive, engaging, and customizable to your branding and experience - Connect with Shannon!

🤝 Need Virtual Production Broadcast expertise; connect with Zef Zan!

🤝 Hungry or curious about what SOW Victory can offer you as a community member - don't wait - Check it Out!

🤝 Speaker with the knowledge you want to share and inspire high-profile decision-makers - Consider being a speaker on one of Sow Victory's upcoming opportunities!

🤝 Need a powerful connection with a female trailblazer; they have the right person to introduce you to!

I'm the seventh child in my CAY Family and having Shannon and Zef as my SOW Sisters feels like I'm part of another special family who uplifts and supports each other.

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