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Future Proof your Career through Gamification

Caitlin Johnson : Master Certified Performance Coach + Consultant | Coached 70K global leaders | 👉 Ask Her Anything about #Gamification

Her superpower is her intuitive ability to listen, inspire, and performance coach your organization to find the best operational excellence through her gamification framework.

Caitlin and I met at the SOW Victory post-event speakers networking experience hosted by founders Shannon Malkin Daniels and Zef Zan. During the introductions, we had each other at "Gamification"! Her performance coaching gamification framework, my role with Engamio and my passion for elevating engagement through Gamification. We instantly connected on LinkedIn before the event was over, and I would say she is not just a professional colleague that I think is incredible and freaking brilliant! We've quickly developed a professional best friend status.

Here is why:

⭐️We are passionate about constant self-improvement through professional development.

⭐️We love Gamification and how using fundamental mechanics, you can design a motivational epic meaning towards achieving essential goals

⭐️We inclusively support and cheer on each other's success by commenting, liking, sharing, and attending events when we were the speakers.

⭐️We influence each other positively, like me buying Lego Sunflowers when I saw her beautiful lego bouquet in her room, and she went out to buy an actual plant when she saw all my house plants.

⭐️We also collaborated in writing a guest blog for our Engamio partner beedance, titled: Great Realization – Gamify Engagement to Future Proof your Experiences.

This is the essence of the CAY VII Circle of Trust.

✅We open our doors to accept opportunities to create new meaningful connections.

✅There are balanced efforts on both ends to support each other's success.

✅When the right opportunities arise, we find ways to collaborate, so we have richer stories and thought leadership to share.

✅Inspire each other just by being present in our conversations.

GO, Caitlin, GO!!!

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