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Purpose Mapping your Operational Excellence

Meet Jim Huling, Executive Coach, Author #1 Global Bestseller The 4 Disciplines of Execution, and Strategy and Execution Consultant.

It has been an incredible mentorship and friendship, and I'm sincerely grateful for our thoughtful conversations. During our first Executive coaching session, we talked about the following:

✅ Current situation

✅ How it was my last day of something that I enjoyed

✅ The first day of my time to refocus on what is mine

✅ New open-door opportunities that were still in the discovery phase

✅ Uncertainties and what-ifs

✅ Purpose Map exercise and the best moments that bring me joy

✅ Top Strengths from my Gallup Skills Tests

I needed someone who didn't know me to hear me share all these things so that I could reflect not just in my head but in a safe conversation with an experienced executive to share his insights. I appreciated that there was no prejudgement of who I am or what I've done, just a fresh impression of my present situation and where my future purpose lies ahead. I knew what I needed and wanted, but having the conversation with Jim helped boost my confidence to have the right conversations with others to align my next steps.

We recently reconnected to share my updates. I most appreciate Jim's generosity with his time and kindness in listening and sharing his lessons learned as a friend more than a mentor. His leadership style is inspiring, and how he guided me made me feel empowered because the decisions and outcomes are my actions and choices.

For those reading this particular Circle of Trust story, my circle of trust is based on a relationship that creates a Credit of Trust, not a Credit of Transaction. When we can trust each other in who we are and why we do what we do, our referrals and recommendations are genuine in how we can support each other. In most cases, the Credit of Trust puts you inside the Circle of Trust, which becomes an opportunity to help bring each other to collaborate and work together more in the future.

For those looking for an Executive Coach, a Keynote speaker on leadership, and a consultant on Strategy and Execution - reach out to Jim Huling!

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