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Powerful Women In Tech

If you haven't met Dahlia El Gazzar - EWD yet - You are seriously missing out! Like MAJOR FOMO!

Dahlia needs no introduction to what she means to our Events and Marketing Tech Industry. She leads with passion, is a creative and strategic visioner, and is a passionate soul that will embrace, support, and uplift you. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Dahlia more over the past couple of months as Engamio hired DAHLIA+Agency to help consult and provide insights on how we can improve the business. After deep diving into interviewing and better understanding, our team and clients, Dahlia and Shawn (Yih-Hsiang) Cheng, CMP CED DES offered valuable insights in their reports.

I've had the fortune of being a hosted buyer at the WEC 2019 in Toronto, where I attended the TECH Launch session to learn about the top 7 tech solutions that were available then and doing great now. What I took away from that experience is a " HOLY SH*T - that was so Cool to see Dahlia and Tess M. Vismale, CMP, DES lead a session about leveraging Event Technology to improve how we enable better experiences for our events and attendee engagement. She was remarkable to my eyes then as someone who was an influencer and connector.

This week in Las Vegas at IMEX, I have the incredible fortune to be one of her Hosted Buyers as I relaunch my business in CAY VII. Let me tell you, this is more than a generous gift of an experience to make connections and gain more industry knowledge. This is life-changing in how to SUCCEED with Event Tech Gurus to make the RIGHT Connections.

Thank you, Dahlia for your confidence, friendship, and embrace of our Circle of Trust relationship. You are my Superhero, and I'm excited about the projects we'll collaborate on and continue to uplift and support each other.

If you don't know Dahlia, please reach out, and I'm happy to help make an introduction for you. Her Dahlia plus Agency is the game changer you need if you are in Event or Marketing Tech and want expertise to know how to make or break it.

Visit her at IMEX Booth C4648!

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