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Event Minds Matter through Heart-Centric Leadership

As Event professionals, we are constantly always ON. Sometimes, it's ignoring the ability to say NO when it's something we care about and have committed to. Other times, it's the feeling of competitive belonging or guilt where we don't want to have FOMO, and we push ourselves to attend an event at the price of being on the edge of exhaustion. This eventually will lead to burnout, even if we love what we do.

On this thoughtful Tuesday, it is with gratitude that I introduce you to my next Circle of Trust. Please meet and connect with Janice Cardinale VEMM, Heart-Centric Entrepreneur with Cardinale Creative and founder of Event Minds Matter. She is always forward-thinking in how she sees and forecasts event trends. She now leads the spotlight to bring to the table an important topic and mindset to help us shift how we think, talk, and create safe spaces for mental health. Follow Event Minds Matter to learn more about our community leaders invested in improving Mental Health in our Events Industry. This is more than a Trend, it's a movement to improve our working culture and environment.

It is an honour to have Janice in my Circle of Trust and a privilege to have her as my "MM" - aka Mentor Mom. Like a mom, she's always honest with her direct raw feedback, as it comes from a place of experience, kindness and care in wanting the best for you because she sees the potential to do better. As I'm encouraged to be mindful and bold in choosing how I support what I care about and can relate to, I invite you to join us on November 2 for Meeting Professionals International and Event Minds Matter's TalkFest hosted on Braindate by e180.

As an ambassador for this experience, I join Janice and our impressive group of industry leaders to lead conversations around mental health and actionable takeaways that we can all embrace and adapt as we shift our greater realization of how we can own our mental health and how organizations can support us.

For many, mental illness has a stigma; it's an enigma, and finding a safe space or people to talk to is hard. I've been in a 5-year relationship with a love that has Manic Depression. Those were challenging years, and not knowing how to provide the proper support almost caused me to mirror this illness's emotional and mental exhaustion. Join my session: Is Mental Illness Contagious? I share my experience as a supporter and what we can do to help ourselves and then others.

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