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Double the Friendship and Pleasure

It's a double "one" day, and I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to introduce Leslie Bailey and Ron Shaw, who are fantastic humans! Leslie Bailey is an independent contractor with a wealth of experience as a seasoned event professional with executive experience in corporate, agency, and association environments. She's skilled at project management, digital event strategies, and content creation. Ron Shaw is equally fantastic as an event strategist with expertise in managing projects and products while inspiring and empowering a team. He's a problem solver, storyteller, and Technology Enthusiast. Ron and Leslie are podcast hosts of "That Could Have Been an Email." I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie and Ron in our past roles when working to establish a strategic partnership between the two companies. Our roles may have changed, but our collaboration, mutual respect, and support for each other created a trusted friendship. I'm honoured to have both of them in my circle of trust. I recently joined Leslie and Ron as their first guest in their podcast season 1, episode 9: "That Could Have Been an Email: What's In it for Me? Customizing Your Career." Podcast link: YouTube: I loved our conversations about our experiences in navigating change, asking for help and building our career path toward projects that contributes to positive impact. With kind hearts, Ron and Leslie are also doing something special to give back to a community that needs help. For every download/ view of the Podcast from October until December, Ron will donate one dollar per download/view to Save the Children ( For this very special double circle of trust, here's what you can do: ⭐ Follow both Ron and Leslie on LinkedIn ⭐ Subscribe to their Podcast for excellent content! ⭐ Share and Watch/ Download their podcast to help raise funds to Save the Children ⭐ Share this post so others can help share and know Ron and Leslie! Thank you for your support! #circleoftrust #collaboration #support #CAYVII

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