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The Bright North Star

Courtney Stanley Consulting, LLC is the North Star, inspiring people to have confidence and to own their space. She is a Keynote Speaker, Event Emcee, Award-winning Changemaker, and acclaimed creator of the women-inspired podcast, Dare to Interrupt. There is so much that Courtney has accomplished; I invite you to learn more on her website:

I have the privilege and honour of having Courtney in my CAY VII INC Circle of Trust and am blessed to call her a friend. She is the most generous soul that uplifts people by creating safe and inviting spaces for honest and thoughtful conversations.

I reached out to Courtney earlier this year based on recommendations from friends that we should connect. We instantly hit it off from our first virtual coffee chat and were thrilled that we'd become new friends with similar goals to want to help people have meaningful connections and confidence to pursue their purpose.

This year, we intentionally made more #IRL meet-ups if and when we were in the same city for industry events. No high expectations were made other than a sit-down and a coffee chat #IRL. However, Courtney has consistently made things more exciting!

This included:

⭐ Women to Watch Spotlight on Social - just from our first virtual coffee chat!

Meeting Professionals International WEC in San Francisco invited to join her Champagne toasts activation with Encore celebrating our event industry's comeback

⭐ Interview Recap with other Event Industry professionals about our WEC experience

⭐ Pre-drinks before CSE Live's grand opening event in Toronto - I missed this due to COVID

⭐ Invite to be part of the exclusive preview of the immersive #BreakFree experience by Encore and IMEX in Las Vegas.

⭐ Las Vegas Birthday Gift - won Sold out tickets to attend the IMEX Rendevous event at Dra's

This list exemplifies how Courtney is a kind, generous, inspiring woman sharing her light to help others glow. She is a true giver, brilliant change-maker, and community builder who empowers inclusivity.

Courtney Stanley, You are an extraordinary gift to our industry, a friend to many, and an inspiring woman and North Star!

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