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Amplify Your Voice

It is a great joy to highlight Tami Adams, Speaker Manager and Speaker Coach, VEMM. She is the Founder of TA Speakers Management, where she helps 🎤 Leaders & Event Pros inspire & educate attendees by booking talented speakers for their meetings. Operating like a bespoke boutique for speakers, she curates the most authentic thought leader voices with topics and conversations that are relevant to many industries' keynotes.

I had the pleasure of working with Tami Adams in my initial onboarding of volunteering for the MPI Marketing Committee in 2019 when she was the Director of Communications and a talented speakers agent at Speakers Spotlight. With COVID impacting all event professionals, Tami's roller coaster ride made her resilient. She shined even brighter with her silver lining of leveraging her talent, optimism, and self-confidence to start her own business to help others find their voice to inspire and share their stories.

As we enter the season of gratitude, I'm genuinely grateful and blessed to have Tami Adams in my life. She is forever in my Circle of Trust as my best friend in the events industry and has been a tremendous supporter since I started my new career journey in 2019. I know we can be 100% honest with each other, with no filters, and that's the most brilliant quality about Tami. She truly listens and cares for others' well-being and offers solutions that positively impact our events industry and everything she does.

Here's how you can work with Tami:

Book an authentic speaker through her business TA Speakers Management

Be one of her curated speakers that she will support as your agent!

Book her for speaker coaching lessons

Book HER as a PAID Speaker! She's worth every $$$ you can afford and more!

Consult with her if you're a young professional looking for guidance. She's a fantastic mentor too!

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