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A Reflection with Dear World

I feel extremely happy with where I am in my life. It's funny how it takes time, commitment, many self-reflections, a trusted support system, and checkpoints to ensure I've continued to move forward with the path that makes me live my life the way I want to.

2019 was an extremely important year for me. It was the "TIME NOW MINE" motivation and mindset to own my own time. Take control of what I do, why I do it, and how I will do it so I can be the most productive with my time and deliver excellence on my commitments. At the 2019 WEC, Dear World - I experienced their 3 part experience. The result was a portrait that continues to remind me to ask those same vital questions and to ensure that I was the owner of my time through the special projects and opportunities I would accept under my business CAY VII.

Today at IMEX, I get to take an updated portrait with @Dear World with new meaningful words that articulate my vision of how I move forward to build my sense of belonging with my "CIRCLE OF TRUST". If you have followed CAY VII, you've seen some of the stories I am starting to share. These stories are about meaningful connection, support, collaboration, inspiration and empowerment.

There is a massive responsibility, heavyweight for the care of others, ensuring operational excellence when starting a business, and needing to hire people to join your team. My business model is not about the growth in the size of headcounts under CAY VII. My business model is based on building my Circle of Trust, and this influence and power have me in the centre, connecting and pulling in the best talents whom I know will ensure that our collaborative projects together are not just a reputation on my name and brand, but a reflection on theirs as well.

There are many talks out there about community engagement and workplace friendships. Let's STOP Talking about it and make IT HAPPEN! WE CAN ALL Do better in collaboration and share the values of contribution and recognition. Allow people with many diverse talents and conversations to share their ideas, contribute their efforts and talent, and move our Actions into a MOVEMENT towards a better working culture and environment.

As a birthday wish, help follow CAY VII, share my story, and let's continue to break down the competitive negative behaviours and start sharing and uplifting each other through collaboration, respect and make the CIRCLE OF TRUST part of your Cultural DNA.

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