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2020 MPI Awards Gala - Future Leader of the Year Winner

Connie Cay Santos

Mar 10, 2022

Connie Cay-Santos is awarded 2022 Future Leader of the Year by MPI Toronto Chapter

I'm incredibly honoured and grateful to receive the MPI Toronto Chapter Future Leader of the Year Award at last night's event industry awards gala.

In my acceptance speech, I shared this quote from women hood: "It's important to recognize your potential, but it's a GAME-Changer when you start ACT on it!"

Being nominated and winning is such an incredible privilege that I'm grateful for in these past three years alongside many industry professionals that I respect and admire. These experiences are affirmations that following my heart, working hard and acting on the belief of the potential that others see in me will help me reach my north star and take the right steps cautiously and bravely forward.

A sincere thank you again to Christina Northcott, CMP, CMM, DES, Tim Whalen, CMP, and Margaret Binns, who share their belief in my potential, and for the amazing MPI Toronto Community. They have provided incredible support and opportunities for me to grow professionally and personally.

To my Huband Jay Santos (CSWP), you are my rock, my better half, and the reasons why I am a grateful human. Thank you for your unconditional partnership in balancing our home and family life with our children.

To Dimash Kunayev, MBA, CED, DES, VEMM, Thank you for creating an environment and culture in our work at Engamio that feels brilliant. Your support and understanding of my volunteer work at MPI have empowered me to support our events industry in a more human and balanced approach. You are an incredible inclusive CEO, best business partner, and friend that I can ask for.

To my friends and colleagues reading this: YOU! I want to thank you as well! Somehow along our professional careers, our paths have crossed, and I'm so excited to develop our relationships further and work together to make our events industry grow in more game-changer ways! There is so much potential, and our ACTS together will enable us to make it OUR GAME to WIN!

Special thanks to all these incredible friends and the support I've gained because of MPI!

Leslie Wright, Emilia J. Kim, DES, Tami Adams, Speaker Manager and Speaker Coach, VEMM, Tammy Bradley BAA, CMP, VEMM, Daizy Jain, Kiran Balladin, Debbie van der Beek, Janice Cardinale VEMM, Leanne McCartney, Ryan Peddigrew, Erica Orecchio, DES, Mena Bhavsar, CMP, DES, Zaman Ishaad, CED, CMP, DES, CIS, Depannita Biswas, VEMM, Dave Crainford, Shaniece Nichols, VEMM, Komal Sanghvi, Amber Kane, Noreen Esson, CSPO, DSCE, DSME, Liz Akey, CMP, Ligia Elena (She/Her) Chete, Gary Krantz, Darryl Andree, Andrew Dorcas, Cynthia Marshall, Wentworth Willock, Greg Elmhirst, Susan Prophet, Sandra Moniz, CMP, CMM, DES, Adam Haesler, CED, VEMM, TMEP Anita Carlyle CMP CMM DES HMCC, Chris Cooper, Nathalie Fauteux and many others!

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