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Power of Social Influence Through the Magic of Snöball

Years in the making, I finally met the snöballer-in-chief Rachel Stephan, DES, EWD at IMEX this October, and we had a beautiful long hug! The best hugs are the first with someone you admire, respect, and have been trying to meet in person on different occasions - when this happens, it feels like magic!

Rachel and I knew each other's names before meeting virtually. We even signed a partnership referral agreement in 2021 when I learned about snöball and her influencer marketing tech from her team member, that shared how fantastic Rachel was with her innovations and marketing mindset. It wasn't long until we had our virtual meetings and collaboration opportunities when I stepped into my past role as Head of Strategic Partnerships at Engamio. We signed a new partnership agreement in 2022 to support Engamio and Snöball - Event Marketing as Strategic Partners tested and implemented the integrations and launched it in our collaborative Empower Our Event Industry Event.

Working with Rachel and her team then and even more now was a pleasure. It's a delight like the snow that melts on your nose; you warm up when you take time to get to know each other and support each other in things that we both care about. She is in my Circle of Trust for many reasons that connect us as creative humans, moms, and caring souls. I love how she shares and reminds us to breathe! I'm grateful for our conversations about snöball activations, our kids and the arts we hang on our walls, and how we continue to look for balance in the demand of what we need to do to make our footprints as female entrepreneurs.

When you connect with Rachel, ask her to tell you about her Golden Snoball! That story is the POWER of what influencer marketing can do for your events and the ROI in how you enrich your marketing tactics when you leverage snöball as part of your engagement strategy!

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